California continues to spend 3 cents per capita on the Arts!
Americans for the Arts has created a website for you to easily take action.
The California Action Center can make it possible for you to contact Governor Schwarzenegger and lawmakers to ask for their support for increased funding for the arts.  Visit the California Action Center today!

California Arts generate $5.4 billion to the state's economy
California Arts supports more than 160,000 jobs
California Arts generates nearly $300 million in state and local taxes

Click here for more information on the
California Arts Economic Impact Report
The State of California
Elected Officials live and work in the same city as you do.  Remind them about what makes your city great.  Give them information to help them make the best decisions to maintain the quality of life where you live.  Contact your representative today!

Nonprofit arts organizations add more than $2.1 bilion to California's econmony, create 125,000 jobs and generate $77 million in state and local tax revenues.

Non profit arts and cultural industries bring more than $790 million to local governments through taxes and fees each year.  The arts generate
$17 billion per year in economic activity.

The Arts mean business to California 

Keep the Arts Alive in the State Budget!
*******Write your legislator today!*********
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There are over 6 million children in California Schools.
For more information, go to
California Alliance for Arts Education

Joint Committee on the Arts

Chairman, Senator Jack Scott    445-5976

Senate Members:
Roy Ashburn445-5405
Jim Battin    445-5581
Christine Kehoe   445-3952
Sheila Kuel                                445-1353
Abe Maldonado           445-5843   
Assembly Members:
5 Vacancies

Consultant Bryan Ha    445-5976

Write to this committee and tell them about the value of arts in education, the valuable contribution arts make to the economy, and the valuable contribution arts make to YOU!

Bring back the arts to our schools and to our children!
The Legislature is currently in session
Visit your state representatives and remind him or her that the arts in California are important to its economy, the education and job preparedness of California's children and to a healthy civic life in communities throughout the state. 
There are 87, 719 arts-related businesses that employed 516,054 people in January 2004.
Remind them that the ARTS
are important to YOU!
Find Your Senate District
Senator Samuel Aanestad      4th District (916) 445-33531,4924,965
Senator Michael Machado                     5th District         (916) 323-43061,0184,859
Senator Dave Cox      1st District         (916) 969-8232       2,0155,994
Senator Deborah Ortiz                            6th District (916) 324-49371,4484,859
Find Your Assembly District
Assemblymember Roger Niello 5th District (916) 349-1995  797   3,441
Assemblymember Rick Keene*      3rd District(530) 895-4217      1,017              3,477
Assemblymember Doug LaMalfa           2nd District     (530) 223-6300   5461,151
Assemblymember Tim Leslie* 4th District       (916) 774-4430   9212,895
Assemblymember  Alan Nakanishi*      10th District     (916) 362-4161 7572.293
Assemblymember Dave Jones       9th District      (916) 324-4676   854      4,735
Assemblymember Lois Wolk   8th District      (916 ) 319-2108  6793,124
*Consistently vote NO on the Arts

Ask your legislator voted for state support of the Arts.
A budget that makes the Arts accessible to all of California.  A budget that includes funding for the California Arts Council and Arts Education. 
Tell your legislator that ARTS VOTE!

Survey finds that most Californians would be willing to pay $5 a piece in additional state taxes to fund the arts.  Does your legislator know that?  Sacramento Bee Article
October 6, 2006 California Arts Day

March is Arts Education Month

Fabian Nunez, Speaker of the California Assembly
Fax (916) 319-2146  Phone (916) 319-2046
Call Speaker Nunez
and ask him to appoint Assembly members to the
Joint Legislative Committee on the Arts


Now, more than ever, California needs the Arts
The California Arts Council makes an indispensable contribution to a community's social and economic life by creating partnerships between schools and artists, giving organizational support to nonprofit arts organizations and bringing performers and artists to isolated rural regions and underserved urban areas.  Without the programs and leadership of the California Arts Council, many multicultural organizations, local arts agencies and education outreach programs will have to close their doors.

Arts and Culture are often used to help revitalize and improve the economies of inner cities, suburbs and rural areas.  Arts and Culture are successfully used to help achieve educational goals and improve some of society's most pressing problems.  Arts and Culture are frequent force for enhancing community identity and making communities more vibrant and prosperous.  The arts build cultural bridges, promote tolerance and understanding and remind us what is right with the world.
Write your legislators and tell them about the arts where you live
April is Poetry Month

May is California Museum Month

Find out specific Senate and Assembly Bill information
Maintained by the Legislative Counsel

CA Arts Council FY2003-04 budget was $1 million, reduced from $19 million in FY2002-03
What does 10% of a picture, a symphony, a play look and sound like?
California continues to spend less than 3 cents per capita per year on the Arts
CA Arts Council FY20006-07 budget is $1.144 million
0.00001% of the California State Budget will be spent on the Arts
What happens now to Cultural Resources, Jobs, Tourism and
the Cultural Soul of California?
California is 50th in the nation in arts spending
Write your legislator and ask for WHAT HAPPENED to  to the
Dixon-Zenovich-Maddy California Arts Act of 1975
charging the Arts Council to encourage artistic awareness, help independent local groups develop their own art programs, promote the employment of artists and those skilled in crafts, to provide for the exhibition of artwork in public pubildings,
to establish grant application criteria and procesdures, and to
award prizes or direct grants.
Arts for Children   v Arts Creates Jobs 
Arts Brings Revenue to the State & Local Economies
Arts for All of California

*California has:
Estimated population: 32,666,550
Eligible Voters:  21,220,772
Registered Voters:  14,631,805
*1998 statistics
Find out how laws are passed
in California  ** Have a say in
the legislative process
On  September 19, 2002, the Joint Committee on the Arts held a hearing in Burbank to gather information for possible legislation next year to boost arts in the schools.  Education officials, actors, professors and politicians agreed that the Arts are essential to the education of California's children.

    "Quality arts education in our K-12 academic programs is essential. "
Senator Jack Scott

    "The California economy is 25% arts-related jobs, but we are 50th in the United States of music teachers per capita in our schools."
Delaine Eastin
State Superintendent of Public Instruction

    "We need to support legislation that opens the door for art programs in schools.  Just because it's beautiful doesn't make it frivolous."
Helen Hunt

    "Intelligence is diverse.  Mathematicians think visually;
dancers think mathematically."
Dr. Ken Robinson
J. Paul Getty Trust and advisor to President Bush on education

Artistic License
Nearly half of the proceeds generated from the sales and renewal fees of standard DMV Arts plates go to arts education and local arts programming in California schools & communitites.
That's $750,000 but more is needed.
*Support the Arts *
Buy an Arts License Plate Today!
California Motorists who bought an Arts License Plate in 2005
generated $2.5 million
for arts education

On February 7, 2003 the Joint Legislative Committee on the Arts met to hear testimony on how California's Economic Engine is driven by the Arts.  This hearing can be viewed courtesy of the California Channel at

Legislative Watch
California Arts Council
Arts in Education

Make a Case for the Arts