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For every dollar spent on an arts event,
three dollars are spent in the city where the
event is presented: 
           Parking, Restaurants, Hotels and Shopping.
Let your City Council know how much you are spending!
Some cities and/or private donations
fund and support local Arts Councils.
These local council  provide funding and
service programs to artists and arts organizations
in their city.   Please support these arts councils in
their efforts to provide your community with quality arts.
Lincoln Arts Council

Lodi Arts Commission

Sacramento Midtown

Sacramento Arts Council

Sacramento Metropolitan
Arts Commission

Sacramento Metro Chamber

San Francisco Arts Commission

Uptown North Sacramento Arts District

California Assembly of Local Arts Agences

While on Sacramento Metro Chamber's Study Missions to Atlanta, Georgia (2002), Denver, Colorado (2001), Austin, Texas (2000), and Seattle, Washington (1999), the arts and culture teams learned how the foundation was laid for a renaissance of the arts and culture in these respective regions and how the arts played  significant role in the revitalization of downtown areas.  The Sacramento region is prime for a similar strategy of success with a Regional Arts Strategic Plan.   The Chamber visited Portland, Oregon in October 2003 and plan to visit Salt Lake City, Utah in October 6 - 8, 2004.

The Sacramento Metro Chamber announced its Regional Arts Strategic Plan in October 2003. 
Plan initiatives include establishing a marketing council for arts groups; shared business services, ongoing training for administrators, staffs, volunteers and boards, and a role for the Metro Chamber of Commerce to study and make recommendations on proposed cultural facilities.  The plan also explores new sources of funding, both private and public.

For information about the plan and how you can lend your support, call the Sacramento Metro Chamber at 552-6808.  In addition, please tell the member of  the Sacramento City Council
today  by calling 916- 264-5300 or emailing:

Mayor Heather Fargo
Council Members:
Ray Tretheway   
Sandy Sheedy   
Steve Cohn          
Lauren Hammond
Rob Fong           
Robbie Waters    
Bonnie Jean Pannell

For more information about the Sacramento Metro Chamber's activities to make the Sacramento region a better place to live and do business, call 916-552-6808.

October 2003 Sacramento Metro Chamber's Study Mission to Portland. 
For information about the recommendations of the Arts and Culture Team who went to Atlanta in 2002,
contact Dave Butler at 552-6808
In order to enrich the quality of life in the greater Sacramento region, the Arts & Business Council of Sacramento promotes partnerships between the business community and the arts community
Business Volunteers for the Arts, the Arts Leadership Forum. Arts a la Carte and Arts a la Email are programs of the Arts & Business Council of Sacramento.  To learn more about these programs or to become a member, please call 444-1615.
Nevada City
Granite Bay
June 18, 2002 Sacramento City Council formally approves a Regional Cultural Business Plan for the arts in six counties.  This plan was developed by the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission. 
Read about it in the Sacramento Bee "Arts plan a firm step to future"

A Vision: A City Arts Center
Sacramento Bee Article March 9, 2006
Capitalizing on the Arts 
Sacramento Bee Article July 1
Is the Sacramento region ready to fund the arts?
Email the Sacramento Bee your opinion
Cities in the
Greater Sacramento Region
"Creativity has come to be valued because new technologies, new industries, new wealth and all other good economic things flow from it."
--Dr. Richard Florida
The Rise of the Creative Class
Sacramento ranks 22 among major U. S. regions in overall standing in the creative economy.  For more information
City Public Arts Programs

Sacramento                                                   Stockton
West Sacramento Mayor Christopher has announced the creation of the West Sacramento Arts, Culture and Historic Preservation Commission.  The appointed commissioners are:  Gail Klover, Kate Ramos, Paula Wenzel, Vincent Zalutka, and Lana Paulhamus.  Read more about it in the Sacramento Bee.
Read about Sacramento's " West End Project"
Sacramento 2nd Saturday Art Walk & Best Wine
by Mike Dunne

Arts in Sacramento
               by Patricia Beach Smith

The Sacramento Metro Chamber has launched phase one of the Sacramento Regional Arts Initiative, which will create a community-wide image campaign for the arts and a variety of ongoing collaborative maketing services for arts and cultural groups in the Sacramento region.  For more information visit or email Ruth Rosenberg
Sutter Creek